War Party Team

Andy Dement Cooler Chief




Andy’s racing career goes back to the 1980's with  Andy having  competed in many classes from Stock Eliminator to Top Alcohol Flat.   Andy’s "Red Alert" Top Alcohol  Flat is well known across the country, and Andy is highly regarded in the sport, known for his knowledge and sportsmanship. Andy's experience as a racer, boat builder, engine builder, and tuner is a valued part of the War Party team. Scheduling, unfortunately, keeps Andy from attending the full national  racing schedule with the team, but, he is the first call Bill Diez makes after every round to consult on the boats performance

Kevin Niediek



 Kevin started racing in the 80s, and into the 1990's   with Don & Phyllis Ermshar. Kevin then moved  to Jim Ermshar'st team.  In  those years  Kevin meets up with Andy Dement  and  Bill   Diez and  worked with Andy Dement's Red Alert race team. He then teamed up with Andy and Bill  to  build  several  Mako boats. Kevin  is a full time crew member of the War Party  race  team and   is honored to have this opportunity to  honor Jerry Davis.   

Kevin brings a long racing history to the War Party Team as he has helped and been a part of several teams and classes.  His knowledge of what is takes to run in the TAF class is a vital part of his participation and duties on the War Party Race Team.  Kevin’s knowledge of motors, underwater gear, and flatbottom race boat set up and electrical expertise is what brings War Party to its current standing in the TAF class with Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Championship Series.


Wayne Shaddix




Wayne comes from a family of boat racing as his Father was a racer. Wayne’s education in racing begin early as he went with and helped his Father. After Wayne’s Father retired from racing they become involved with restoring cars. Wayne’s Father passed along a wealth of knowledge in all areas of motors, boats, racing, and cars to Wayne and he brought his knowledge to the War Party team. Wayne has also been a part of other teams including Bill Diez’s previous team. 

DSM - And - Strait Stacks



DSM began drag-boat racing in the late 70's  and it still continues today.     


 Grandson of Nancy Stacks is Pictured with DSM.    Strait is normally a crew member on the Nitrochondriac   TFH Team. But in-between his duties with the TFH Team Strait helps the War Party team with setup and tear down of Pits along with helping to assemble the War Party TAF Boat and Engine for racing. 

Nancy Stacks




Nancy has been involved in boat racing for many years as she worked for a local Chamber of Commerce and was the Chamber’s lead person for one of the largest races on the circuit. Nancy brings a wealth of knowledge concerning the venues, racer requirements on and off the track site, catering, and numerous other areas pertaining to racers and race sites. Nancy and her extensive background are instrumental in overseeing the needs of the War Party crew before, during, and after races.


Danielle Sturm Pickens



Danielle is very instrumental in keeping the Face Book page updated with information and Pictures on and off the race track Many of the pictures and Videos and updates you see are  while we are racing are thanks to her. Along with helping sell T-Shirts and many other duties to help the team function at the races.