Owner/Crew Nancy Davis



Nancy became interested in the sport of drag boat racing in 1978. As a result of that interest she became part of the original National Debt Racing Team running the Unblown Gas Jet Class with the Southern Drag Boat Association. The team was very successful winning numerous High Points Championships and various other awards. Nancy was an active member of this team and it gave the opportunity to begin her education on race boats, motors, race tracks, crews and what it takes to be a winner.

In 1986 Nancy met Jerry Davis at a race in Liberty TX. Jerry ran the Top Alcohol Flat Class and had been racing for several years along with being very involved with the sport. Jerry and Nancy married and the Jerry and Nancy Davis Race Team was formed. Nancy was involved in every aspect of this team including working on the motor, travel coordinator for the crew and rig, handling the design and apparel for the crew, PR work, along with many other duties. Jerry and Nancy were very successful winning many High Points Championships and various other awards. Jerry and Nancy ran in the SDBA, IHBA, and Lucas Oil Associations. Nancy was also the banquet chairwoman for SDBA for several years. 

In 1991 Nancy also became very involved with Racers Emergency Support Program. This is a Non-Profit organization that helps racers in a time of need. Nancy has continuously served on the Board of Directors or held officer’s position and is currently serving as the Vice President. 

After Jerry’s passing from cancer in 2010, Nancy continued her involvement in boat racing with attending races representing RESP and also became a part of a Top Fuel Team. Along with RESP responsibilities and being a part of the fuel team, Nancy’s goal was to put War Party back in competition. In 2015 Nancy’s dream became a reality with Nancy and Bill Diez putting together a team with Bill as the Driver and Nancy, with her years boat racing knowledge, an active member of the team.

In 2015 War Party made its debut as Runner Up at the LODBRS Showdown in San Angelo TX.  Also in 2015, Nancy was the recipient of the Heart of Drag Boat Racing Award that is awarded only to women involved in drag boat racing. The War Party team ran four races with the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series in 2015 and in 2016 ran the full series ending the year in 5th place. In 2017 War Party ran the Lucas Oil series and ended the season as the Lucas Oil National Championship Series High Points Runner up Champion in the Top Alcohol Flat Class.  Nancy and the team are looking forward to the 2018 race season and winning the National Championship with the LODBRS.