War Party Took the Win in San Angelo after a lot of long nights to Ready the Engine for this Race.


SDBA Schedule

This year Nancy Davis And the War Party Team have decided to focus their racing with the SDBA Racing League

 Click on the find out more link for SDBA Facebook Page  

Phoenix Wildhorse World Finals



After all that went on Bill did a excellent job of driving once again to defeat all challengers for the win. This is the first World Finals win for Bill in the TAF category  

Parts Failure


A small issue with parts became a long couple of nights to make sure War Party was ready each and everyday 

A little too Much


Sometime you need to know exactly how far is too far Yep Found It

Race Ready


No Matter what was thrown at the War Party Team they were able to fix and have race ready each and ever single day

Total Respect


You will see this each and every day from Team War Party as wel as all the Boat Racers and their Teams 

Finals Time to Win


War Party was Ready for the Finals everyone did their Job and the Final outcome was a victory for the Team 

Paris Texas

Our Weekend

Even though we went out first round War Party Ran the Quickest Pass for the Team Thus Far at a 5:251. We lost to Party to the Max who ran a 5:257 RT was the difference and we are talking inches at the finish line. We are looking forward to Parker Arizona with another surprise for you all. See you then. 


War Party Wins in Wheatland

Ruff Start


Team War Party had a plan for the weekend and actually arrived a day early to prepare the Boat. Problems with the Rig forced us back on Wednesday 



Thursday brought more bad news in the way of rain all day with downpours at times again forcing the team to work inside the trailer  all day 

New CP Pistons


The Team Purchased A New type of CP Pistons for the remainder of the season. This did turn out to be the right choice for our Arais Engine. 

Bored on a rainy day


With the rain coming down what do you do we play with go pro and cameras 

Tech Inspection


The tech inspection station is always entertaining 

Taking Home the Trophy

Team War Party worked hard all weekend and Bill drove  perfectly every pass and when this happens you get to take the tropy home 

Nancy Davis Article


What a Great Article

If you havent seem it yet Lyndal Scranton  has done a great article on a Fantastic Person and Owner/ Teammate for Lucas Drag Boat Series

Click on the Action Button for the full version n

Grove Oklahoma

Our Trip to Grove

Although War Partys Sunday didnt go as planned we have run faster and quicker with each pass we make. Party to the Max ran a very nice pass to advance over us the Ets were a 530 to a 527 . 


The War Party Team Started Friday night off with a trmendous amoumnt of work building 2 engines for the event. The team finished at 1200 midnight and it paid off big time for the weekend.

Stay Tuned

The Team has one more big surprise for  Chouteau, OK, and is looking to drop their ETs even more.


Wheatland Missouri

Ready to Launch


Rady for our match up with the Party To the Max Team 

Dinner at the Track


Thanks To Nancy Stacks and Nancy Davis the War Party Team never goes hungry. We cant thank them enough for the care they give us. 

Friday Assembly


As the War Party is transported with no Blower. This is a normal site for setup day. We would like to thank David Gillen for his Fantastic Pictures

Relaxed as Always


Bill Relaxing before First Round. Not really we where just that ready  



The team took some tine Friday evening to test their fishing Skills.

What a Race Picture by Adrian Huff


It just doesn't get much closer than this Congratulations to the Party to The Max team on their win in Wheatland.

Waco Texas

Nancy and Bill

She was very Happy in Waco Texas

Waiting at Tech


End of an Era


As you all know by now Toms Locked and Loaded Crashed this past weekend and while the driver is Ok it is the end of the real Top Fuel Hydroplanes the Outriggers are now the required Boat.



Tommy Thompson's TAF Shazam  

Fun at Cabelas


The crew decided to take some time or some shopping for fishing gear 

Tony trying War Party


As you can see Tony's capsule must be a little smaller 

The Route 66 Show Updates


At the Route 66 Show on February 24th. The War Party Crew was busy handing out flyers and promoting the upcoming Lucas oil Drag Boat Race  April 20 - 22nd. This Lucas Oil Drag Boat Race at Lake Ming in Bakersfield and Co Sanctioned with the National Jet Boat Association (NJBA) is being promoted as the Battle in Bakersfield and looks to be one of the biggest races in California in many years. You will also be able to catch the War Party machine its driver the owner and crew at all the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Races this year. Be sure to check our schedule for a race near you.   

Latest News

Hot Boat & Custom Car Show


 Come see the War Party TAF at the Needles Route 66 Hot Boat & Custom Car Show Show Feb. 23 and 24, 2018  Needles' Jack Smith Park on the Colorado River  

Partner With War Party Racing


Contact Us if you would lke to have your Name and or Business Partnered with the War Party Racing Team . We have many opportunities and Packages Available for you and and your business

New Combinations for 2018

War Party Racing is excited to try some new combinations for the 2018 season as we move forward to our Championship Goal

War Party Blog


War Party Racing will have a Blog this year along with a twitter and Facebook page so you can keep up to date Minute by Minute while we are at the races

Many New Items for 2018


Here we will be posting  a quick Glimpse into our 2018 season stay tuned 

Engine Specks


Coming Up Engine Specs.